Make fun and beautiful lunches for your kids!

Bento With Love is created to provide an alternate solution to making everyday home cook food to look different so that kids would enjoy food they would normally push aside!

Kids are very picky eaters! I know because my daughter is one of them, and I was afraid she would not get enough nutrition from the food she miss out on. Every meal is a mental battle to see if either of us would back down. So as a mother, i decided it's time she loved all sort of food, and to accept everything on the dining table step by step.

I researched a lot of books on making food look beautiful but they take too long and a lot of work. I have also tried simple food presentation on the plates but kids lose concentration after awhile. But these products are different. I have tried and tested the products on this website personally through parties and schools.

The products make daily food into exciting forms and pictures, with only easy steps. Nothing complicated and even the kids can help out to prepare them.

These are also the most cost effective "Presentation Helper" in the market. I hope Bento With Love can assist you in preparing beautiful food.

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